The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming so what better time than now to start renovating your backyard or patio area?! We know how fun it is to play Fixer-Upper and experience the satisfaction of completing a project with our own two hands. Here at Ecotech, we want your family to have as much fun as possible reworking your backyard or patio space while also taking safety measures that will ensure the safety of not only your family but your property! Below are some basic safety tips that we recommend this renovating season.



For planting a flower bed or shrubbery:

Oftentimes, there can be hidden utilities that are buried just below the ground that we may not be aware of. With slight digging, these lines can be hit which may be damaging to you or your property. Anytime you are putting a shovel in the ground, be sure to call 811.

For installing a mailbox:

As mentioned above, there can be pesky utility lines buried just below the surface of your property! Ensure that you are digging smart before installing a fence or mailbox by calling 811. If a utility line is hit, you may experience an interruption in service to your home which can result in high fines or even injury.

For a hired contractor or landscaper:

Make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions by checking with your contractor or landscaper before they begin their project. If they have not already called 811, make the call for them!

For digging a small section of your yard:

If you are only digging in a small area of your home, placing white outlines or flags around the area can ensure that the utilities located in that specific area will be marked. Don’t forget to let your 811 operators know of your home improvement plans to ensure the safety of your property.

If you’re planning on doing some yard work this summer, call 811 before digging any project. From professional excavators to do-it-yourself homeowners, dig smart by calling 811. Learn more at call811.com.


All information received from call811.com