Ecotech Hydro Excavation

Wood Pellets

Custom engineered wood pellets can be mixed within the truck or in a pit to absorb the water used in hydro excavation. The process turns the slurry into a much dryer material. The pellets are made from virgin wood so there are no contaminants and they can hold up to 70% moisture content. Material can be hauled offsite quickly or used for top cover because of the organic value of the wood. 


Polymer is the most absorbent product that we use, with an absorption ratio of 30:1. Polymer dries material very quickly and can be transported offsite the same day if needed. This product is best used when excavated material may be contaminated, or if there is excessive water, almost all landfills and environmental facilities accept polymer-infused material. If left on site, the material can be used for backfill.  

Lightweight Trucks

We have several different sized trucks to fit the jobsite location and the work needed to take place. There is no standard excavation when it comes to soft dig. We have lightweight, small trucks to get into tight areas or offroad. Our newest designed truck is built to have all the power of a full-size truck but is light enough to legally and safely haul material offsite to disposal locations. We believe that safety offsite is equally important as onsite.  

VAC Boxes

Another great way to keep trucks working all day rather than hauling material to offsite dump locations is to utilize vacuum boxes. Our trucks pull a vacuum through the box which in turn drops the material that is being excavated directly into the box rather than into the truck. This allows for a much less expensive roll off truck to haul the material offsite. This method is also preferred if the material is contaminated or if there is no available dumpsite on the property. 

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Construction Manager

Utility Contractor

We used Ecotech on a project in Myerstown, PA. In the utility world, we are programmed for conventional auger methods for pole sets. We are sold on their vacuum excavation method after their scope of work was complete.

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is digging by using a vacuum to break apart material with high-pressure water or air.  Vacuum excavation is also referred to as hydro excavation, air excavation, remote excavation, soft digging,  and preventive excavation.


Ecotech is a full service environmental company with decades of combined experience.  We provide our customers with an environmental strategy along with the quality of service they demand.

Utility Locating

Ecotech Utility Locating Services uses advanced equipment for all pre-excavation and site planning needs.


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