Ground Penetrating Radar

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Ground Penetrating Radar

To complement the use of electromagnetic equipment, Ecotech Utility Locating Services incorporates Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment. GPR is instrumental in detecting the presence and location of non-metallic utilities and structures buried underground. The process involves transmitting radio waves into the ground, which are then reflected back to the GPR sensor. The velocity at which the waves return varies depending on the conductivity of the object from which they are reflected. Through real-time analysis of the reflected radio waves by the digital control unit, the GPR technician is provided with a visual representation of the underground contents.

GPR possesses the capability to detect both metallic and non-metallic pipes, cables, and various objects such as tanks, manholes, and vaults. To ensure comprehensive results, Ecotech Utility Locating Services conducts grid-pattern scans within the project boundaries using GPR. This approach confirms the locations of electromagnetic targets while also identifying non-metallic and other targets that may have been undetectable using electromagnetic technologies alone.

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We used Ecotech on a project in Myerstown, PA. In the utility world, we are programmed for conventional auger methods for pole sets. We are sold on their vacuum excavation method after their scope of work was complete.

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is digging by using a vacuum to break apart material with high-pressure water or air.  Vacuum excavation is also referred to as hydro excavation, air excavation, remote excavation, soft digging,  and preventive excavation.


Ecotech is a full service environmental company with decades of combined experience.  We provide our customers with an environmental strategy along with the quality of service they demand.

Utility Locating

Ecotech Utility Locating Services uses advanced equipment for all pre-excavation and site planning needs.


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