Remote Excavating

Ecotech Hydro Excavation
Allows Ecotech to reach areas in which conventional excavating equipment will not fit. 

Remote Excavating Service

Vacuum excavation is ideal when access to the dig site is restricted due to overhead clearances, structural congestion, physical obstruction, narrow access road or unstable soil conditions. Industrial vacuum hoses and tubes are stretched from the dig site to the truck, which can be parked hundreds of feet away.

Vacuum excavation can be used when digging or material removal is needed inside buildings and elevator shafts and under structures or foundations. It is also ideal for tunneling digs for foundation repairs of homes, apartment complexes, and business properties. It can also be used for tunneling under buildings for the installation or maintenance of critical drainage systems.

Ecotech has experience with required tunneling plans that outline various processes involved in the overarching scope of work, including the creation of entry pits, shoring considerations, lighting, ventilation, confined space governance, rescue plans, and disposal issues. The only equipment needed at the actual dig area is a water or air gun and the vacuum hose. This leaves a clean job site and a virtually non-existent footprint.

Our operators have full safety training and are prepared for your unique application.

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We used Ecotech on a project in Myerstown, PA. In the utility world, we are programmed for conventional auger methods for pole sets. We are sold on their vacuum excavation method after their scope of work was complete.

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is digging by using a vacuum to break apart material with high-pressure water or air.  Vacuum excavation is also referred to as hydro excavation, air excavation, remote excavation, soft digging,  and preventive excavation.


Ecotech is a full service environmental company with decades of combined experience.  We provide our customers with an environmental strategy along with the quality of service they demand.

Utility Locating

Ecotech Utility Locating Services uses advanced equipment for all pre-excavation and site planning needs.


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