Have you ever wondered how the gorgeous grounds of many Universities stay so lovely, even when things below the ground surface might be a little ugly?

Well, even beautiful college campuses are susceptible to busted pipes and other emergencies needing careful excavation around underground pipes while keeping the integrity of the grounds. That’s where EcoTech comes in!

We were hired recently by Millersville University, right here in Lancaster County, to expose a leaking underground A/C line that was running into one of the nearby dorms. The repair needed to be done quickly and with extreme care, so the AC could be operational for students who would be moving onto campus within a week. We were able to locate the line with minimal damage to the property and assisted in getting them back up and running just in time!

With years of experience working on college campuses including Harvard University, the University of Maryland where we assisted in campus construction, and Immaculata University where we were tasked with locating a gas line while the project was in the design phase. Our use of hydro and air excavation virtually eliminates accidental hits to underground utilities keeping faculty, staff, and students safe while keeping these schools looking great.

Our method prevents power outages, utility damage, injuries to workers and bystanders, inconvenient traffic disruptions, mandatory evacuation procedures (for hospitals, retirement communities, and colleges) and costly interruption to businesses and construction projects. With less material needed to be removed through this process, our high-tech equipment, and experienced team work together to complete jobs much faster than with conventional equipment.

Check out some of our most recent work at Millersville and other projects where hydro and air excavation were used to keep campuses and the grounds of businesses and residential communities beautifully intact.


Millersville Project

Harvard University



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