Hydro Excavation with the use of pellets! On this recent project in Baltimore, MD, our team was tasked with trenching and exposing areas ahead of crews to install new gas mains.
Urban areas like this usually mean a small dumping area but thanks to our use of pellets, we can dry dump close by and remove dry dump quickly. This allows the vac and gas crews to continue working with less downtime and more production!

Why Pellets?
At Ecotech, we utilize a custom engineered wood product that is mixed in the truck to absorb the water used for excavation. This process changes the slurry into a much dryer material allowing us to dump in a smaller containment area. Dryer materials can also be loaded into a dump truck or open container and hauled off-site for disposal.
Dried spoils can also be dumped in a small containment area and spread on site as a solid, organic top cover. The organic properties of the natural wood help aid in the regrowth of grass because it stabilizes immediately, there is no wait time necessary for seeding. This means there is no need to continue managing the site for weeks after the job is complete.