The state of Pennsylvania has introduced new legislation regarding the PA One Call System which has gone into effect on April 28th of this year. The legislation consists of numerous modifications that could potentially impact excavators in the area.

With the new modifications introduced in this legislation, it is imperative that excavators and project owners alike, think smart before they dig. A clause in this legislation, the Tolerance Zone, states that a vacuum excavation device or similar device must be included as prudent techniques. This clause is stating that “all excavating techniques must be well thought out and done with care.”

Image Provided by PA One Call

Other highlights from the legislation include:

  • The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) is responsible for enforcement.
  • The Commission shall appoint a Damage Prevention Committee to review reports of alleged violations.
  • Excavators, designers, project owners, and facility owners shall submit an alleged violation report to the Commission through the One Call System for instances when a person by action or intention fails to fulfill the obligation of this act.
  • Facility Owner Members now have a requirement to participate in the Member Mapping Solution.

If excavators do not call before they dig and happen to damage a utility line, they are subject to massive fines which could impact their company drastically. This modification will allow more people to think about soft digging to ensure the safety of their workers and business. In short, contractors cannot afford to not dig safely!

Luckily, with our Hydro and Air excavation techniques at Ecotech, the accidental hits to underground utilities is drastically minimized. Our methods eliminate the risk of power outages, fires, floods, utility damage, injuries or death to workers and bystanders, inconvenient traffic disruptions, mandatory evacuation procedures (for hospitals, retirement communities, and colleges) and costly interruption to businesses and construction projects. Eliminates accidental hits to pipes and utilities that add costly steps in repairs and delays.

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To view the full summary of the PA One Call legislation, click here.