The application of the custom engineered wood pellets to wet hydro excavation slurry leads to absorption, solidification, and stabilization of the wet slurry into a manageable, non-liquid material—within minutes following contact. When pellets are mixed with the wet hydro excavation slurry they begin to open allowing the kiln-dried sawdust inside to absorb the water. This allows you to take what was previously a liquid waste and either dump it onsite or move it to your local solid waste disposal facility.

Construction sites often have limited space for a dump site. The dried material is able to be dumped onsite for a smaller footprint in a smaller containment area, rather than a wet slurry without the use of pellets. The material can be loaded into a dump truck or roll off to be hauled offsite. This allows our crew to take what was previously liquid waste to a solid waste disposal facility.

Another fantastic option is dried spoils can be dumped in a small containment area and spread on site as a solid, organic top cover. The organic properties of the natural wood help aid in the regrowth of grass and because it stabilizes immediately there is no wait time necessary for strawing and seeding. This means there is no need to continue managing the site for weeks after the job is complete.

We have chosen to partner with Bald Eagle Pellets because their brand uses a specific combination of wood which is best suited for absorption and solidification. The resulting product is clean, all natural, and uses 100% virgin wood fiber. In contrast, Ecotech has chosen not to use pellets from other brands whose product contains recycled house debris, pallets, old wood, and even railroad ties. We have found that these materials may contain plastic, metal, and non-wood fiber contaminates. The pellets we have chosen to use on job sites have only 6% moisture content, and natural wood fiber can hold up to 60% moisture content.