Annual Hand Injuries

Each year, more than one million hand injuries place workers in the ER. Additionally, there are more than 110,000 recorded lost-time hand injuries on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, 70% of the emergency room incidences are a result of not wearing protective gloves on the job, while the other 30% of these injuries are caused by not wearing the correct type of gloves.



Hand Protection at Ecotech

The staff at Ecotech Hydro Excavation fully understands just how important proper hand protection is, especially on site. Having healthy, properly working hands is crucial to so much of what we do as human beings. At Ecotech, each employee receives several days of safety training from their Director of Safety, Chad Breneman.

Additionally, Ecotech uses various types of gloves for different purposes, and workers must always have the proper gloves on their hands. When on site, Chad makes sure everyone is wearing the correct protective gear at all times. Fastenal supplied Kevlar® lined gloves are the glove of choice for day-to-day operations. Class 2 insulating gloves are used to prevent electric shock while on the job.

With the increasing number of hand injuries in the country, Ecotech takes hand protection—as well as eye and face protection—very seriously.

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