At Ecotech, our high-powered GapVax HV-55 and HV-56 vacuum excavators utilize both hydro and air excavation, ensuring the safest way to expose utilities without the risk of damage or injury. 

Which method is better? Ryan Frank of Ecotech says that the choice depends on the job site and soil conditions. “Many people try to push one method over the other because they are trying to sell their equipment that only has the capability of one of those options.” Ecotech intentionally makes the choice to use the GapVax HV-55 and HV-56 trucks in order to offer the best service to our customers.  Our trucks allow both methods to be completed with minimal damage to properties or the environment.  They switch between hydro or air quickly while virtually eliminating damage to underground utilities.

Whether you’re choosing air or water excavation for your current job site, our GapVax trucks get the job done!