Per The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Subsurface Utility Engineering or SUE for short is a form of engineering that entails managing risks associated with utility mapping. Starting with a work plan outlining the scope of work, schedules, risk, as well as the desired method SUE is used in utility relocation coordination and design, assessments,  estimates, implementation and more.

“Vacuum excavation techniques are employed to expose and record the precise horizontal and vertical position of the assets. This information is then typically presented in CAD format or a GIS-compatible map. A conflict matrix is also created to evaluate and compare collected utility information with project plans, identify conflicts and propose solutions. The concept of SUE is gaining popularity worldwide as a framework to mitigate costs associated with project redesign and construction delays and to avoid risk and liability that can result from damaged underground utilities.”

Read our interview with Bill Steinhart of Rettew Associates on their partnership with Ecotech involving Subsurface Utility Engineering here.

Sources – https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/programadmin/history.cfm


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