Avoiding accidental hits to underground utilities is crucial during a project. Such possible accidental hits to avoid include power outages, fires, floods, utility damage, injuries to workers and bystanders, and inconvenient traffic disruptions, mandatory evacuation procedures, and costly interruption to businesses and construction projects.

When using Ecotech’s unique hydro excavation services, jobs are completed much faster than with conventional equipment, yielding in less material to be removed and the use of truly cost efficient tools for your next big project.

Additionally, Ecotech helps take care of the environment through the use of high-pressure water, precisely digging through soil with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment. Ecotech’s hydro excavator can dig through the toughest material with precision—such as rocky soil, clay, and frozen ground. As an added bonus, the hydro excavation truck can be up to hundreds of feet away from the dig site, decreasing ground restoration from heavy equipment and a larger footprint, as well as not worrying about runoff of sediment into sewer systems and waterways.

Using Ecotech’s hydro excavation services is revolutionary in avoiding accidental hits which risk harm to people, businesses, and their properties.

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