The answer is yes, yes, and yes!  With years of experience working in these types of settings, we know that sprawling college and university campuses can have numerous underground utility lines and pipes that have not been located and marked in decades due to their age. For safety reasons, it’s important to know what’s underground especially when upgrades and expansions are underway. No problem, right? Well, it’s not always that easy.


Damage to the campus

Traditional excavation can cause a tremendous amount of damage to these well-manicured grounds, and the thought of digging them up isn’t very attractive. Lucky for our clients, our EcoTech system minimizes the damage.


Digging can be dangerous if not done by an experienced excavation crew and traditional excavation increases hit risk. Our team at EcoTech is not only qualified, but our system is safer than traditional forms of excavation.

The Cost

Safely locating and digging anything underground can be very costly, especially if you’re not sure of their location. Since we can do things faster and cleaner, it reduces the cost.

Time and impact on those around the project

Traditional excavation takes longer, and these underground items might not be mapped out requiring more work to find and dig up. Once found, the process to expose can be lengthy, and can require more labor, again increasing cost.  Luckily, working with EcoTech will save money due to the project taking less time to complete, and the disruption to the environment is minimal.

As mentioned above keeping the grounds intact is just one reason we’re seeing Hydro and Air Vacuum Excavation becoming increasingly popular among these kinds of institutions. Safety for facility and students is a top priority, and vacuum excavation reduces hit risks and ensures a safer experience as a whole. Our streamlined system is not only more eco-friendly but also saves money. Reduced project time and a cleaner faster process are less intrusive to the campus infrastructure and why Hydro and Air Vacuum Excavation makes sense for any project.

Our team here at EcoTech has had the pleasure of working on college campuses all over the region from Maryland, Pennsylvania to New York. We understand how vital maintenance is to these facilities, as well as the need to keep the grounds looking exceptional while not allowing construction or excavation to impact day to day life on campus. Read our recent blog – EcoTech, helping Keep Universities and Colleges looking great for examples of our work in this category.  

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