Save Money and Resources with Ecotech

When a new development is completed in the county, the developer turns their work over to the township to gain approval. Once this happens, a full inspection of the new development takes place. If any issues are found (i.e. cracks in the sidewalk, issues with street curbs or valve boxes, etcetera), this is the time to fix them. This process is called “development dedication,” and Ecotech Hydro Excavation is many times called in to help check items off of the development’s punch list.



When valve boxes aren’t perfectly straight, it is virtually impossible to fit the necessary tools into the valve for repairs during development dedication. However, Ecotech has the perfect tools to create a small hole parallel to this valve, straightening the opening so that a tool can be inserted to pass inspection.


This benefits developers in many ways:

  • Saves time, as Ecotech can easily complete this job
  • Causes very little disruption to the surrounding environment (no tearing the ground up)
  • Can be done using hydro excavation or air excavation
    • If the repair needs to be completed in a yard, air excavation is used so Ecotech can quickly replace the hole with dirt
    • If the repair is needed in a driveway or street, hydro excavation is used because no backfill is required, and precise lines and holes can be made


Ecotech also frequently helps developments clear out catch basins which become clogged during construction with leaves, sticks, etc. Before these items increase to the point of clogging pipes, Ecotech uses vacuum excavation to clear out the sediment.


If you need assistance with repairs during development dedication, contact Ecotech Hydro Excavation today!