Hydro excavation is precise, safe, fast and far less destructive than traditional excavation techniques. The cost of a utility strike is high in terms of penalties, repair costs, and lost time. Hydro excavation is a cost-effective way to implement your next excavation project. Here’s why:

The hydro excavation process allows for quick, clean, and precise excavations—requiring less backfill, less labor force, less restoration, and less environmental impact than conventional digging methods. The surgeon-like accuracy is a result of a water gun tool which removes only the necessary material instead of a large, less-than-accurate backhoe.

This razor-like precision is considered “preventive excavation” as it tends to disrupt less ground while searching for underground utilities and infrastructure. This limits the scope (and invasiveness) of traditional excavation methods, ultimately lowering the cost!

There are several hydro excavation services which also aid in lowering costs during the evacuation process. The sub-surface utility engineering process observes and records depths, locations, and quality of buried utilities extremely quickly, and in the most efficient manner. This process itself lowers costs in pre-construction, as it eliminates accidental line breakage, unexpected utility relocation, change orders, environmental disasters, and community impact.

Remote excavating leaves virtually no footprint and a very clean worksite because—even when working inside buildings or underneath structures—the only necessary equipment is the water gun tool and a vacuum hose. Lower footprint and cleaner worksites mean lower costs in the areas of cleanup and just being eco-friendly in general.

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