The Versatility of Ecotech

From substation excavations to fruit spill cleanups, there is nothing our team can’t conquer!  Our innovative technology using vacuum excavation has allowed us to remove an overturned truck loaded with fruit from marshlands while also completing the job with minimal disturbance to the ground. The vacuum technology of our trucks creates innovative solutions to minimize the damage of properties and the environment. This holds true for the sinkholes and the milk spill we worked to help clean and repair. We never know what interesting jobs we might be called to!



Our Ecotech Pellet Service

The application of the custom engineered wood pellets to wet hydro excavation slurry leads to absorption, solidification, and stabilization of the wet slurry into a manageable, non-liquid material—within minutes following contact. When pellets are mixed with the wet hydro excavation slurry they begin to open allowing the kiln-dried sawdust inside to absorb the water. This allows you to take what was previously a liquid waste and either dump it onsite or move it to your local solid waste disposal facility.


Meet The Team: Ryan Frank

Operations Manager

Before working for Ecotech Hydro Excavation, Operations Manager Ryan Frank had worked several years at his family’s business before moving on to an excavation company where he ran equipment. He has now been working for Ecotech for the last seven years.