Updated 2020

No matter the season, there are many safety hazards that construction workers face at the job site. In the summer, employers focus on protecting employees from heat and dehydration. During the winter months, employers must consider extreme cold, high winds, and ice. Basic precautions and greater education can greatly reduce employee’s risk of illness and injury.

Follow these three tips to improve winter safety at the construction site:

1) Limit Exposure to the Elements
With lower temperatures comes an increased risk of hypothermia and frostbite. Consider breaking up larger projects into smaller tasks. Reducing exposure to the cold and wind greatly improves worker safety.

2) Wear Appropriate Clothing
Avoid slips and falls by wearing proper nonslip footwear. It is important to dress in layers including a heavy coat, sweatshirt, hats, and thermals. Encouraging employees to dress appropriately for winter weather helps to prevent illness and injury.

3) Inspect and Prepare Vehicles
Before heading into the cold season, all work vehicles should be inspected to guarantee that they are in working order. It’s important to include an emergency kit in all vehicles to aid in winter weather prevention and response.

Cold Weather Digging Made Easy with Ecotech

Ecotech is committed to delivering the highest level of safety while complying with government health, safety laws, and regulations. We pride ourselves on promptness, reliability, and customer service. With Ecotech, unlock a safe, non-destructive, and cost-efficient digging solution partner.

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